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Help your child transition to toddlerhood with IRFAN® Full Cream for more added nutrients. It’s made of cow’s milk formulated with powerful ingredients.

Why cow's milk is essential

Cow’s milk has been associated with good health, making it one of the most healthy drinks. It is packed with nutrients, providing a range of health benefits to help children grow.

High in potassium and calcium

This plays a crucial role in improving bone and teeth health, preventing fractures and other bone diseases

Good source of B vitamins

This ensures healthy functioning of the brain, nervous system and sleep-wake cycles

High amount of protein

It also contains carbohydrates, which give your child the energy required throughout the day

Powerful Ingredients

Specially formulated with the best ingredients to get maximum benefit out of every ounce of cow’s milk.


Dates are a natural reservoir of sugars. Consume dates in your diet can benefit digestive health by preventing constipation and promotes regular bowel movements.

Arabic Gum (Manna)

It contributes to the improvement of the gut health. Its functional properties make it a perfect ingredient to enhance the fiber content of food and beverages.


Honey can be a healthier option than table sugar. Research suggests honey may offer a protective effect against diabetes and help improve cholesterol levels.


Raisins are a good source of essential nutrients, minerals, and energy. Raisins contain helpful soluble fibers, which help improve digestion and promote regularity.

Safe And Certified

We don’t compromise when it comes to the safety, integrity and effectiveness of our products – our certifications and approvals are proof of that.

For your loved's ones

Only the best selection for the developmental growth of your child.

IRFAN Full Cream Milk

Cow milk based product that is formulated with Raisins, Dates, Honey, Arabic Gum, DHA, FOS, Calcium, Protein, mineral and vitamin. Help to support optimum child’s growth and development.

Suitable for kids from age 1 and above.