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Chocolate malt drink with dates and Arabic gum. Helps increase energy as well as supply vitamins and minerals.

IRFAN Chocolate Malt

Why families, especially mom and kids LOVE our Chocolate Malt? Popular opinions say the taste is so yummy! Definitely a delicious chocolatey treat to start your day with.

Loaded with special ingredients

This is not your ordinary Chocolate Malt. It has dates and Arabic Gum too, together with vitamins and minerals

No sugar or milk required

Simply mix the Chocolate Malt powder with hot/cold plain water and it's done. Kids can help make their own too

Easy to take it with you

Comes in a pack of 1kg or a pack of 15 sachets. Great option to boost your mornings when you're on the go

The benefits

Let’s get to understand further as to why IRFAN Chocolate Malt is the best.

Great for breakfast

Rise and shine with nutritious and chocolate-rich drink that's gonna help boost your energy throughout the day

Naturally sweetened with dates

Dates not only good for our digestive health, it's also very beneficial for learning and memory process

Chocolate makes you happy

Consuming cacao has shown to have stimulating effects on energy levels and it can even boost your mood too

Improve gut health

Arabic gum's functional properties make it a perfect ingredient to enhance the fiber content

Safe And Certified

We don’t compromise when it comes to the safety, integrity and effectiveness of our products – our certifications and approvals are proof of that.

For your family

It’s chocolatey treat but make it full with healthy nutrients.

IRFAN Chocolate Malt

It has nutrients that are specifically designed with the combination of Malt, Cocoa powder, dates and Arabic Gum that are involved in energy metabolism process, muscle function and bone health.

Suitable for the whole family.